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But an altercation with police in standard uniforms during the march quickly escalated into an all-out battle with law enforcement. Protesters were hit with pepper spray, tear gas and rubber bullets.

Looting across the city also took place that night. The following night, a far less organized, tension-filled protest kept those intent on destruction at bay until 1 a.

But after the core group of youth organizers went home, a sizable number of individuals — with varying degrees of connection to the Black Lives Matter movement — thoroughly sacked State Street by breaking windows and looting stores. Dozens of police in riot gear swept downtown without much resistance.

The next day, the length of State Street and many buildings on the Square were completely boarded up. Starting June 3, police were invisible downtown — keeping watch of the protest from surveillance cameras and through dark windows in buildings overlooking the demonstrations. Police strike teams continue to stand ready in tactical gear inside the City County Building and at the Capitol but have not been deployed the past two nights. Demonstrations took on a new level of sophistication June 3 with a better sound system and efforts to keep the protesters fed and hydrated.

Youth organizers also become more disciplined and better able to manage the crowd. Throughout the days of protest, officials have attempted to break down those in the streets into different factions. Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway, too, has attempted to distinguish the masses of peaceful protesters from small groups that police witnessed June 1 making molotov cocktails, wielding baseball bats, and setting off fireworks near the crowd.

Removing the antenna is a bad idea. It will help to avoid drawing attention, but if you are targeted, then a directional antenna can pick up the signal. Use good passphrases Consider Wi - Power Man* - Consider Wi (Vinyl) keep your firmwares up to date instead.

Thanks for the advice. I had no idea that weak signals could be targeted like that. Thank you for this very informative article. Your article helped me optimize the wifi in my home. I was struggling with thick concrete walls and heavy steel doors separating three rooms where I needed the signal to reach.

Thankfully, each Consider Wi - Power Man* - Consider Wi (Vinyl) has a wired connection leading back to a single router. Of course, all SSIDs and shared keys are the same so devices can roam easily. Well done! As to your question: No, in the same room 2 mW provides a good signal. I presume you have full Wi-Fi bars on your phones? In no case will the client try to increase its transmit power. Hello, Petri.

Now Consider Wi - Power Man* - Consider Wi (Vinyl) 2mW transmission power previously set for 2. Thanks for your time! Petri, You are very much appreciated for your valuable advice. If so, can we use an iPhone to get a general idea of the signal quality in areas we suspect interference from devices or defective appliances?

They are crude at best, often misleading. The apps can only see a network connection, but no details. That makes iOS a poor platform for Wi-Fi tools. The best app I have used is Wi-Fi Sweetspots. Newbie here. Is there a preference? The one I meant was by farproc, but it has been a while.

Some apps get acquired or changed. Some comment mentions the current version tracking your location, which is totally unnecessary. The app is not complicated so there may be less nosy alternatives. Very good article. I use my iMac Consider Wi - Power Man* - Consider Wi (Vinyl) as a hot spot, and it always chooses ch 11 as determined by its algorithm. There is no control for frequency or power.

Unfortunately, my house has internet access by means of a radio link that is fixed to Ch 11 in the 2 Ghz band. Occasionally my local hot spot signal radiates up thru the house and over comes the Internet ch Or rather, when the Internet signal fades due to weather, trees, whatever, my hot spot signal interferes with the Internet radio wave reception, and the link goes down.

Unless you live in Switzerland or Norway you should find better bargains. I was sitting in a part of our house with bandwidth issues despite being full bars. I reduced our router transmit power from High to Low. My bars dropped by one level, but my bandwidth went from 4 Mbps to 20 Mpbs. We have an older house with foil backing on the insulation. Maybe all that transmit power was creating echoes that ended up killing bandwidth. Your reasoning is probably correct. Interesting article, found it while searching for some puzzling issue I see around my network, maybe you guys can help me here.

What could it be? Is it scanner reporting wrong data or is it something else? The first meter from the AP attenuates the signal by 40dB or 47dB at 2. Those power levels are out of range everywhere.

And I assume your neighbors are further away so their transmit Consider Wi - Power Man* - Consider Wi (Vinyl) would be even higher. I would say it is a misreading or meter error. Those SSID names are common default values. You also have to take into account antenna sensitivity and susceptibility to noise. Cell phones are tiny devices with tiny antennas packed in closely with dense circuits running at high clock rates.

The fact that they can receive any signal at all is a miracle of engineering. WiFi modems have much larger antennas that are often separated completely from the noisy circuits of the device.

So to achieve the same SNR for both devices, the AP can get by with a weaker signal than the mobile device can. All gains and losses antenna, cable, insertion etc. The same goes for noise at the receiver or transmitter. In smartphones both the Wi-Fi and cellular antennas are both packed inside the same device.

Cellular APs a. Still the same rule applies, all gains and losses are equal for both directions. I found this an interesting read. I know not all APs are created equal.

Several years ago at my old house, I was using a EnGenius ECB AP at full power which was mW, and it was perfectly balanced with my cellphone at that power level when it came to fringe coverage. It had a 50mW transmitter, and I would lose connection when I was still receiving more then a minimal signal strength. The sensitivity differences are mainly due to antenna design, which is the trickiest component to design.

However, the same antenna is used for both sending and receiving so it is symmetrical, improving transmit efficiency equally. Most of the RF path is symmetrical: antennas, cable attenuation, noise, obstacles, distance, even the RF circuitries. The transmit power is the main factor to balance. Of course it could be that the EnGenius had an optimal receive radio circuitry and a terrible transmit amplifier, but I doubt it.

Beyond the point, where the cell phone lost contact, all coverage just adds to the noise. My ideal is that the coverage areas are equal in size. Basically the incredible receive sensitivity would in effect increase the coverage area of the cell phone.

If your application demands more downlink capacity the typical scenariothen it makes sense to slightly increase the TX power of the AP. That will improve the downlink MCS index and thus downlink throughput, but it will hurt roaming. I loved reading this and it really got me wondering about my situation. I recently moved into a townhouse complex. I unfortunately have 5 neighbours that sit wall-to-wall with my unit.

This has resulted in pretty bad video calls Consider Wi - Power Man* - Consider Wi (Vinyl) Zoom, Google Meet and the like. It usually starts off fine, then suddenly the video gets all choppy with audio still coming through. Just wanted to know your thoughts on the matter. You need to find a free channel. If you can find a single free 20MHz channel then use it. I am not aware of the current U. If not, make certain that the NanoHD you are considering can be set.

You know there will be a one minute delay before your network shows up? The delay is 10 minutes for the weather radar channels. Other than that, it will work fine. As others have already mentioned: great article. Too bad. I cannot reduce the power on my Time Capsules, so they are probably working at full blast, unneccessarily.

You need to see the configuration screen to find out. Sometimes it is hidden under Advanced or Professional settings.

Hi Petri, So many questions have been explained so thank you! Many point to point devices can blow away a half mile, true. You can see what type of internet technology your area has by using this map from the FCC. It's equipped with two more antennas, a better USB 3. This just means it has double the bandwidth. If your Internet Service Provider has Fiber infrastructure and you're subscribed to a gigabit internet plan, you'd have no issues streaming 8K video and achieving gigabit speeds wirelessly with this router.

It has the ability to reach speeds up to 5, Mbps, so it's an ideal router for streamers, gamers, and business professionals who need the fastest, most reliable wireless network. This wireless router was built with gamers in mind. Its four antennas promise combined wireless speeds of up to 6, Mbps across the 2.

The RT-AX88U is a great pick for big families with lots of devices, users with large homes, 4K video streamers, and gamers who play online or livestream on Twitch. Dimensions: 4. The Google Nest Wi-Fi is an elegant and reasonably priced mesh router setup that's capable of covering more than 5, square feet with a speedy and reliable wireless internet connection.

Setting up and managing the device is as easy as it gets, courtesy of the Google Home app. As an added bonus, its included range-extending point doubles as a Google Assistant smart speaker. Dimensions: 3.

The eero is the best-selling mesh router setup on Amazon, and for good reason. It offers a cool design, consistent performance, and an incredibly easy setup. The eero stretches your dollar and Wi-Fi signal further since it comes with three devices for blanketing your home with Wi-Fi — most other mesh setups only include two beacons. Tests your internet connection to measure download and upload speeds to the closest server.

Allows you to plot and view signal strength on a device over time, as you move through your deployment. We remain committed to making high-performance Wi-Fi accessible to everyone.

These features can help anyone who manages a wireless network—whether it be at home or in the office, to get the data they need to optimize their network and resolve performance issues. I downloaded the app myself and used it to analyze my office network. I will share some examples to show how WiFiman helps me manage my networks:. Want to post on Patch? Register for a user account. Neighbor News Considering a New Fence?

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