Why Do You Cry? (Acoustic Piano Version)

Share this:. Read today's devotional Christian Music Videos. Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson at the Gran Classical Gas on Banjo Todd Taylor. This Sleepy John Estes thing was running through my head, and, all of a sudden, I saw exactly how he fingered it on the neck of the guitar. That was a real eureka moment and a very important one in musical education. I mention to Bromberg that I view him as a virtuoso guitarist, mandolinist and fiddler and ask him why he rarely picks up the fiddle in concert anymore.

The musicianship was more important than the finger playing, and it still is. I was never more than an almost decent mandolin player and a beginner fiddler. Other band members are Mark Why Do You Cry? (Acoustic Piano Version) guitar, mandolin, vocalsJosh Kanusky drums, vocals and newest member Suavek Zaniesienko bass, vocals.

Self Portrait is probably my fondest Why Do You Cry? (Acoustic Piano Version) most played Dylan album. Critics panned the album — comprised mostly of cover versions — when it was released but, decades later, raved about an expanded 4-CD version, Another Self Portraitreleased in Some of the songs were recorded in Nashville with Nashville session players, and Bromberg recorded others with Dylan in New York.

Whether it's being played at a funeral or graduation, the results are the same. Let it all out, Roy! Until the last verse, this never feels like Ian Dury is doing anything other than listing memories of his once-absent father in a wistful stream of consciousness.

In Nick Drake recorded Why Do You Cry? (Acoustic Piano Version) songs for his fourth album, the sequel to his stark masterpiece Pink Moon. That album was never finished: in November that year Drake died, aged 26, from an overdose of amitriptyline.

The song accidentally turned into an accomplished bit of genuine heartbreak and a cult hit to boot: a happy accident for something so self-consciously miserable. MJB's Grammy-winning ballad hits home because, like all of her best work, it's completely real. Yes, she and her man have been Why Do You Cry? (Acoustic Piano Version) off by others. Yes, they've been through some sh But she knows she just can't be without him, and she wants us to know it.

A modern-day classic. Yes, "Young Hearts Run Free" shimmers with disco glitz, but the lyrics detail Staton's struggle to extricate herself from an abusive relationship. Witness the scene from tour doc Heartworn Highways in which Townes uses it to serenade his neighbour, who promptly bursts into tears.

Like a twangy retelling of the gut-wrenching The Little Match Girl, Dolly soulfully narrates the wintertime tale of a little girl who shows up on her doorstep, a little dog in tow, looking for warmth and sustenance after being abandoned by her alcoholic parents.

In a creepy bit of role-playing, Parton even raises her voice a few octaves to impersonate the voice of the ill-fated childwhose ultimate demise at the crescendo is a gut punch for the ages. Spoiler alert: the dog doesn't make it either. With lyrics in place, this gorgeous song from French singer Tellier embodies all the hope and anticipation of a new love affair.

Deliciously French. Semi-forgotten at home in the UK but still apparently a superstar on the continent, Berry made his name in with this sentimental pop single. This was also the first ever UK hit to feature a wah-wah pedal — not a sound you might immediately associate with tragedy. Here, Bexleyheath's finest looks back longingly at friends, collaborators and family members she has lost along the way. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

Great Posts. Mar 8, Mar 2, May 24, Worth Reading. Dr Justin Wildridge - Jun 28, At a cursory glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that a piano is simply a wooden shiny box that has two or three Watch centuries of classical music history in three minutes Aug 18, Norwegian airline prevents musician from boarding plane prior to Christmas Dec 29, Contact us: contact cmuse. Sep 10, Here is what happens inside your body when you play a Mar 22, Start by putting the tip of your finger on the second string, right behind the first fret, and then flatten your finger Why Do You Cry?

(Acoustic Piano Version) that the meaty part of your finger, where you would hypotheticall press down if you had any reason to be fingerprinted, hypothetically.

Next, take your second finger, and put it on the third string, right behind the second fret. This should feel really natural, where the finger wants to go, anyway. And that's all there is to it. It's a real F chord, it has all the notes in F major, and you can keep on playing F that way for as long as you like. In fact, chances are, that's why you're on this page in the first place and, really, if that's true you should go back to what you were doing.

There are literally thousands of songs you can play once you learn these four chords. So, if F was the last one for you on that list, congratulations! In the key of F major, your F chord is going to get some new friends: B flat major, and C major, as well as the D minor chord.

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