Spike + Julia 4-Eva - Pidgeon - Might As Well Go Eat Worms (CD, Album)

Using a broken organ, a broken amplifier, and a small orchestra which he remastered backwards, the German godfather of electronica managed to obtain perfection from imperfection. Nobody noticed. One facet of my personality is that I turn back to examine closely what the crowd has passed by.

In and Led Zeppelin released two double-album sets, the first one studio and the second one live, and both were monster hits. This album is more Led, less Zeppelin. The energy and endless variety of this epic is astonishing.

It gallops. For Your Life is a hard rocker with a start-stop riff, a song that would be at home anywhere on the first disk of Physical Graffiti. Jimmy Page uses a great effects box or post-processing of some sort to give his guitar a multitracked, flangy sheen that sounds like it could cut concrete.

But the best part is the scorching harmonica solo by Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin actually evokes wrenching emotions here. The style is characterized by soaring electric guitar or synthesizer melodies in high-register accompanied by complex, shifting analog sequencer bass lines.

Sound effects such as wind, and washes of Mellotron choir, flute, or strings were often added for color. Experimental or ambient stretches were not rare either, especially as intros. Most works were instrumental, vocals were used sparingly. Vintage Berlin School tracks typically ran about twenty or thirty minutes, filling one side of a vinyl LP. The genre was so thoroughly identified with the long form that a general shift to shorter pieces in the s seemed to herald the death of the movement.

Some newer works run continuously as a single track for almost 80 minutes. An outgrowth of Krautrock, Berlin School was so named because most of its early practitioners were based out of Berlin, Germany. Berlin School was and still is a relatively self-contained style that has not had nearly the impact on music Album) general that Kraftwerk has had on synth pop and techno, but ambient, electronica, New Age, and trance are partially rooted in Berlin School.

The genre is sometimes considered a sub-branch of New Age or ambient, though it predates the widespread usage of both terms. Inyears before the invention of the Moog synthesizer, the UK television show Doctor Who had a theme constructed from tape recordings of oscillators, which sounds very much like Berlin School.

Who theme but used two bass guitars interacting with a tape delay system. Its use of wind and other incidental sound effects foreshadowed or possibly inspired the Berlin sound.

In Tangerine Dream more or less reigned alone with a studio album, Rubycon, and the live album Ricochet. Klaus Schulze delivered the popular but transitional LP Timewind. It contained the side-long track Bayreuth Return, recorded in one take, structured around a sequencer pattern transposed and manipulated in real time. Tangerine Dream delivered a studio work, Stratosfear, and the soundtrack to the film Sorcerer.

Tangerine Dream toured the United States and released a double live album, Encore, with three sides of Berlin School and a side of proto-Ambient. Some songs are just an eclectic choice and some songs set the mood for the entire album. Even though this is a normally quite eclectic podcast, this week really shows off how eclectic the Earbuddies can be.

This week is all about the ladies but in the opposite way as that creepy dude on Instagram who slides into the DMs. While this is the second time we have covered sad songs, this episode really gets downright emotional.

Mitchell breaks in with absolute heartbreak and it is layers upon layers of how to construct a proper sad song from there. Also, Amy audibly unravels, which is a kind of ridiculous weird thing to do.

This week is all about that moody kid we all were in high school. Gah, MOM! Stay out of my room! We also got some pretty sweet feedback.

Most important book about emo that Amy read in High School to have emo credentialing. Songs shape us while we are sitting in the presence of our parents and their radio. This week is all about those early music memories that were influenced by the stations our guardians listened to and the preschool pick-up car line. On this runaway bassline hit parade, there is massive exploration of all the groovy lower end rhythms that carry songs.

Seeing as Mitchell and Amy first met because of bass, there is some nostalgia before Amy declares that all bassists have the family name of Butler. This is pretty much a funky wild ride with the slightest amount of music theory. Cartoon music is some of the first music most of us are exposed to and this show is all about cartoon and cartoon adjacent music.

It spans many genres but also moods. There is plenty of excitement from Amy and Mitchell which can rival any glee that Pinkie Pie could exhibit.

Songs makes us want to dance on the regular and while we all have our different genres, the beats will always get us off our butts and to the dance floor. This week is a collection of songs that will get your groove going. In this eleven squared edition, they get super nerdy and talk about literary songs and what makes them. Amy put in some work and actually read about the songs and Mitchell knows all about the Camus.

It truly is a Shawshank Redemption. Cemetry Gates Annotated. Surprising to only Amy, it is not just pop music! This week is all about the songs that are not in English! I mean, we still do the podcast in English but the songs are most definitely not. This is an experiment in understanding the mood of a song from just the tone and music. It is a truly delightful collection.

Get ready to pump your fists, walk around the block, and eat one less cheesy poof before leveling up your WoW character. Show picture this week provided by Craig. It is the end of the year and since not all songs can go into a theme, this is a random selection of songs on our minds. In recent tradition, Amy remembers some vague music thing and Mitchell, without exasperation, finally clears up scales, circle of fifths, what is anand the natural seventh.

Enjoy this winding journey to finish out Translated Lyrics. This year, well, it had new music. Artists tend to just keep making the stuff and heck, we are going to listen. Mitchell and Amy bring their favorite songs of the year and so do the Earbuddies. Amy accidentally read some YouTube comments and Mitchell declares it research she has set the bar pretty low.

Also, snare drums! It is a celebratory episode this week with the help of the Earbuddies. Amy tries to understand philosophy at the top of the show and Mitchell reorients her to which side of the cave which has her focus.

They get down to the point and it gets celebratory, triumphant, and downright uplifting. This week, realizing that everyone is honing in their winter holiday playlists already, Mitchell and Amy examine songs that are not the most traditional of holiday songs. This week is a celebration of a particular BBC radio DJ who endeavored to keep new music in the ears of listeners. Over three decades of acts from a diverse range of genres to explore and just a few are sampled here.

Billy Bragg Interview. Peel Sessions List. This week is highlighting the somewhat dumb and ridiculous songs that may be needed after the beginning of Family Holiday Season.

Either we are singing these with family, or hiding in our cars playing them while avoiding conversation that can be awkward. Amy gets awkwardly square and Mitchell explains the beauty of one specific over the top pendant. Earbuddy David suggested doing introductions to Punk, so Mitchell and Amy tackle this diverse genre. What is punk? What is the most punk Spike + Julia 4-Eva - Pidgeon - Might As Well Go Eat Worms (CD you can do?

How adorable are pagan babies? Welp, one must listen to find out. Mitchell brings all the info on who is comprising each supergroup and yes, a supergroup can have only two members. The Earbuddies bring a diverse collection of songs and Amy finally listens to a Lemmy song. The show is dense this week but with all the good stuff of live recordings!

Mitchell explains dit-tits and Amy learns that her bias against live recordings was unfounded. There is an Earbuddy email, plenty of contemplation, and respect of respectful audiences. This week, at the request of Earbuddy Justin W. Beware of the upbeat hoorah but mostly because it will make ya smile! Some stuff has been going down in politics for a couple of years that ranckles quite a few of us, but generally the show has not gotten overtly political.

So, this week, we decided to give up the charade and go super political with an episode about political songs. This week is all about knocking off the haters and having brightened days. The Earbuddies have a vast array of day brighteners and Mitchell shares his love of Hanson.

Past Amy called to correct Present Amy, maybe? It is a pretty giddy show that will bring some rays of light! This duo brings all the duos this week. It is epic. It is operatic. It will blow your mind! In celebration of the autumnal briskness in the air, Mitchell and Amy decide to have a song of the fall collection! Mitchell keeps Amy on track on exactly which song has insects and there is a voicemail! Prepare to have your mind grapes exploded with the talent of our Earbuddies and follow the links below to their Bandcamps and Youtubes and buy their music!

Tape Deck - Pandas. Merry Christmas - Meredith Bites the Earth. Jack Alberson - Lifeboat. Lipstick Stains - Dead and Gone. The Family Ghost - Death Blow. Ben Ricketts - The Details. Strengths - Slugfest. Mitchell Manley - Catalyst. The whole spectrum of feels are represented this week while Amy and Mitchell discuss relatable songs. We all get awkward with people we like and get nagged by our own brains. Feel squishy, feel awkward, get better about health, and ponder if there is a need for Ritalin this week with the Earbuddies.

Beards are woven together and mustaches are entangled. We talk cats, rapscallions, the institutions, and many other things. Mike lets the mic arm drop. The McFrizz Files. Mitchell and Amy take and run with a suggestion from Earbuddy Craig. This week is all types of interpretations of what in the world a collaboration is. Mary J. Blige saves a U2 song and Amy has a medical moment about muscle death. Mitchell also explains what could make U2 better. Earbuddy David suggested parody and novelty songs and Mitchell and Amy wade into the deep waters of parodies.

Amy gets plenty tongue-tied and forgets the name of a Beatle and also forgets how to talk. Mitchell saves the day and brings knowledge! Best of Memphis Ballot. While we end up defending many of the bands to the Earbuddies, Steam Powered Giraffe is not one of them. Also, Mitchell sings! The catchiest of songs are presented and now it is up to the Earbuddies to decide which songs they are going to have stuck in their heads all week.

This week, at the prompting of Earbuddy Naomi, Mitchell and Amy tackle the subject of diss tracks, most specifically diss tracks to other genres. There are a surprising amount of genre diss tracks and even personal grudge songs. This week is all about the nostalgia and remembering your A - B combos and sneaking close enough to the scream to shoot that dumb cheeky duck.

It is equal talk about the music and about the remembrance of childhood games. Amy learns about how infrared lasers worked in the 80s and Mitchell shows off his singing chops!

Mitchell and Amy explore the complex world of music in television and movies, especially TV theme songs. Amy accidentally picks a song with a legacy and Mitchell brings a song from a show Amy has never seen. There are many questions. They finally got a voicemail! Mitchell has another theme idea and dares you to email eandepod gmail.

Head to your nearest pool and enjoy a bubbly cold drink while enjoying this selection. Mitchell and Amy explore the world of occupational themed songs which seem to be mostly about not wanting to be occupationalling. Mitchell declares that Amy apologize for a perfectly amazing song pick and there is discussion of capitalism and the meaning of life, as one would expect.

Amy went on a road trip and asked if they could redo a classic theme from the early days of Earbuds and Earworms. There is some Memphis history snuck in this episode and many different perspectives on what is road trip music.

Many theories of how to make a good mashup and they have a teeny episode within the episode about music theory! Enjoy the ride and fall in love with Mashups! Amy and Mitchell take very large breathes in attempt to get through titles of names and bands that are extremely long.

Someone finally says the whole Fiona Apple album title; yeah, that one. The titles are long, but the songs are good, except that one song. Mitchell threw down the gauntlet way back and Craig finally picked it up right before dismantling his podcast studio. The guys go head to head with four song picks a piece to prove their taste in music is the supreme.

Vote in the poll on the Earbuds and Earworms Podcast group on Facebook to decide who wins. Note: There were some technical difficulties in the recording of the show so be forgiving Album) Amy, who really only had one job. The world of elevators as themes in music and venues of music is vast, which Mitchell and Amy soon discovered. They are now taking up residence in various elevators to archive all the music that they would either leave the elevator during or decide to push all the buttons so they can finish out the song.

It is a very up and down episode, with very few forwards and backwards. This week, in celebration of some popular movie that is out right now that a couple to a few folks like, Mitchell and Amy discuss caped crusaders in the literal and metaphorical sense. Also, did Bruce Wayne really marry a porsche? A bit of Earbuddy feedback is received! Mitchell and Amy geek out on the crazy weird world of songs about weird sleeping red letter word: Parasomnia.

Amy also learns that Alex Jones was in the movie Waking Life, and that pretty much blows her mind. In celebration of these new overlords, that have outlived us, we kindly remind them that they too do not last forever. This episode gets deep and ranges from what tree lungs are capable of to what can be found in Canada. Mitchell and Amy are welcoming the robot overlords in an attempt to save their own skins in the first wave of attacks. Mitchell tries to keep the whole thing grounded in reality but Amy is insisting she can be a better robot mechanic than another robot.

The first ever text comes in to the voicemail line! Amy gets defiant about one stipulation from Craig with her song choice and Mitchell will later be calling the voicemail line to sharpshoot himself on which band is actually Swedish. Amy and Mitchell fall into the realm of medicine songs that are oddly romantic or oddly clinical.

Expected outcomes: a fantastic musical experience. Amy is joined once again by Mitchell Manley and they discuss beards. There is a plentiful resource of beard songs, like musicians have hairy faces or something. There is also a pretty rad announcement this week.

Mitchell Manley is back to tackle double meanings and double entendres with Amy. It gets lewd in this episode! This week, Amy talks with Laura P. This playlist is sprinkled between the naughty and innocent. There was much blushing by Amy and tons and tons of glee from Laura.

Save this episode for earbuds and maybe after the kids go to bed with ear plugs in. This is the second time we have tackled animal songs but this time was with Zachary Morgan and the playlist is truly eclectic. Some well known artists with lesser known songs and then, some truly weird songs about critters!

Amy learns that Frat Rock is a genre and Mitchell throws down Album) gauntlet at previous guest host, Craig. It is weird, it is ecclectic, and it is fun. Enjoy the hodge-podge collection! This week, Amy is joined by fellow nursing student and mother, Laura, to talk stress and stress and stress. It is a good playlist for your moments of stress and your chill out moments. Amy and that guy she married, Dakotah, sit down and talk about the worst songs, which of course is all a matter of opinion.

Yes, somebody loves these songs, but the Earbuddies who spoke up now get to hear the songs they hate! Amy also defends Polka while Dakotah defends Lady in Red. There are many definitions and this show has the playlist for all versions.

Amy cuts a lot of stuff out sometimes and this time, she is giving a whole bunch of that stuff to the listeners with Craig trying to Eureka up Earbuds and Earworms. Craig Scholes from Eureka Podcast joins Amy to discuss why we all have the absolute best taste in music.

Craig also tries to legitimately wreck the format but the listeners have to decide if he accomplished his goal. Mike brings the passion and Amy brings the questions on Kiss Cam sound effects. There is punting, fumbling, dribbling, and Jock Jamming! Pretty much, the best playlist that Earbuds and Earworms has ever put together. Amy is out of town so she quickly recorded the smallest episode that she could cram into a stocking.

For such a dark theme, it really is a hilarious episode. Jeremiah Matthews of The Ellie Badge joins Amy this week to discover all the independent music they could find in a week. Enjoy the indie love because there is plenty go around. Amy is joined this week by her Magic the Gathering crush, Hannah Mathews.

Both Hannah and Mathews are spelled the most correct way. There are two Jacksons in the south and the one in Mississippi may have beat out the one in Tennessee for radness but it is all cool.

Jeremy Henson from Eureka Podcast comes onto the show with Amy to reminisce about the popular Christian music that they remember from their childhoods.

It gets nostalgic, it gets philosophical, and there is a lot of cursing so the kids should probably skip this one.

Amy got so excited about The Sister Act that she forgot to credit Christy, who submitted the entire soundtrack. Amy is joined by Jan this week and they talk body parts. It has nothing with Amy being in school.

Bodies are just cool and we should love our bodies. Special segment after the break for all the dirty songs that the Earbuddies suggested. Amy scored the most elusive get of the year with Dakotah Davis! He comes on the show to share his passion of game music, especially video game soundtracks.

This one is a wide variety and is totally nostaligic. Big questions, small questions, red questions, and the answer to where Evanescence even came from. It is a fun show with lots of good music. In the second Halloween episode of Earbuds and Earworms, Amy and guest, Jason Holliman, keep the playlist free of the most obvious Halloween song.

Jason H. Happy Halloween! This week, Album) is joined by self-proclaimes sad song lover, Josh! Each of these songs can bring you to tears but the songs also will amaze you by how the artists could convey such sadness.

Great turn out by the Earbuddies with their sad songs and a couple of Earbuddy emails. The Brooklyn native talks about his excitement of Thriller coming out and his still yet to be witnessed dancing skills. Jowa is shocked when he realizes a favorite movie may be racist. Come for the stories, stay for the songs. Bobby explains why he is such a musical omnivore and a pop enthusiast.

He also lays out exactly why we should skip out of work and attend concerts in parks. It is the one year anniversary of Earbuds and Earworms Podcast! It is snarky, sweet, and funny all the way through. Stay tuned because Amy will be coming back each week with different surprise guests. Big announcement comes at the end of the show so hands off that skip button! Amy feels awkward and Jason keeps the show on the rails. Listener feedback and more awkwardness!

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Debra - bIG⋆fLAME* - Rigour 1983-1986 (CD), Raw Materials, Emigrantvisa - Sliding Hammers - Spin Around (CD, Album), Voices Inside My Head - The Police - Zenyatta Mondatta (CD, Album), New Water - When - Drowning But Learning (Vinyl, LP, Album), Alberts Birthday - Brainman - Brain Food (CD, Album), We Gotta Get Out Of This Place - Al Caiola - Tuff Guitar English Style (Vinyl, LP), Shall I Come, Sweet Love, To Thee? - Alice Babs - Elizabethan Love Songs (Vinyl, LP, Album), Boys, Boys, Boys - Various - Uwe Schmidt Special (File, MP3), The Sango Song - StarKid Productions* - A Very StarKid Album (File, MP3), Twenty Ten - Tinkerbells Fairydust - Tinkerbells Fairydust (Vinyl, LP, Album), Blinded - Third Eye Blind - Out Of The Vein (Cassette, Album)