I Have A Dream - Various - Rocket Hits (Vinyl, LP)

Possibly when they ran out of the label blanks for the multicolor crest labels, an all-blue label with silver print was used, with the crest design but without the full color. These silver-and-blue labels were probably used in lieu of having the expensive crest multicolor labels reprinted, since they were changing the label design soon anyway, to the "fade" design shown below. Just after the blue and silver crest label, an aqua and white "transition" label was used far left on LP-with the same design that would become the standard starting in latebut without the multicolor letters in the label name.

This "fade" design was also used for the Checker and Cadet labels, virtually the only difference being the label name.

It was blue or purple on the top, fading to almost-white at the bottom of the label. Printing was black. The "CHESS" name was in block letters above the center hole with the top of the letters red, the middle white, and the bottom blue.

A stylized chess knight horse logo appeared on the right side under the label name. Various promotional issues used a few variations, but most just used the same label with the notation "D. Copy - Not For Sale". This new label was used from LP to the end of the series, LP This label was also used on the "Vintage Series" to CHV and on the early issues of the and series. At far left, a purple variation of the label used from LP to Shortly after Chess was purchased by GRT, the label was changed to orange with black printing near left.

The perimeter of this GRT label was blue with a blue stripe running horizontally through the center hole. LP) the logo is a stylized horse head from the knight of a chess piece. Promotional labels were white with the same graphics in black. Many of the earlier albums were reissued with this label in the s. This label was used on the and series except very early numbers and the I Have A Dream - Various - Rocket Hits (Vinyl series for CHV and above although the colors differed, with a green bar on a pink field.

Chess Checker LP - Oh! Chess LP - Look! Later reissued in electronic stereo as LPS Series becomes Chess only; Checker series continues with LP) The mono copy has a black label with silver print, but the stereo issue has a gold label with black print. LP - Walkin' by Myself The following album, Chess LP, was issued in four variations.

The main version was the first of a series of Murray the K discs issued on Chess, this one called Murray the K's Golden Gassers with the catalog number of LP, with no suffix. The catalog number for this one was LP SF. All four versions had the same track lineup.

While most records are pressed from black vinyl, sometimes other colors are used. With few exceptions, colored vinyl and picture disc pressings are limited editions, and are usually far harder to find than their black vinyl counterparts. Both colored vinyl pressings and picture discs have been issued as commercial releases and as promo-only releases. In the late s, picture discs were often pressed as promotional items and became quite popular among collectors.

Most of these were pressed in quantities of only a few hundred copies. More often, colored vinyl and picture disc records are issued as limited edition pressings, created to spur interest among buyers. Most of these titles are also available on regular and more common black vinyl.

As with everything else on this list, there are occasional exceptions to the rule. A couple of months later, RCA Records began to press the album on regular black vinyl as a cost-cutting move, which would have made the blue pressings rare and desirable. Shortly after this decision was made, Elvis passed away, and the label made the decision to return to blue vinyl for that album, and all pressings for the next ten years or so were issued blue vinyl. Colored vinyl article new window Picture disc article new window.

While vinyl record albums usually include printed covers, most 45 RPM singles do not, as they were generally issued in plain paper sleeves. It was not uncommon, however, for singles to be issued in special printed sleeves bearing the title of the song, the name of the artist and perhaps a graphic or photograph.

These are known as picture sleeves, and most of the time, these picture sleeves were available only with the original issues of the records. While not intended as limited edition items per se, picture sleeves were designed to spur sales and were often discontinued once sales of the record began to pick up. For various reasons, some picture sleeves are harder to find than others, and there are a number of records, some by famous artists, where certain picture sleeves are rare to the point where only a few copies are known to exist.

Others are rare, but not to that degree. This is one of the factors that pretty much has no exceptions; a record with a picture sleeve is always more valuable than the same record without one. While the majority of records are standard issues that were manufactured with the intention that they be sold in stores, some are pre-production versions that were made for in-house use at the record companies prior to making the stock pressings.

Acetates, or lacquers, as they are more properly known, are records that are individually cut on a lathe by a recording engineer. The recordings are cut on metal plates that are coated with soft lacquer. Acetates are the first step in the process of making a record, as they can be plated with metal and used to make stampers for production of the copies sold in stores.

They can also be played on a turntable and are often used to evaluate the sound of a song or an album prior to putting it into formal production. On rare occasions, acetates have been sent to radio stations as promotional items when regular pressings were not yet available. As acetates are cut one at a time, they are understandably rare, and command a high value I Have A Dream - Various - Rocket Hits (Vinyl the market place as they are both rare and unusual.

Test pressings are a bit more common than acetates, and are made to test stampers prior to mass produced production runs. They are usually the first pressings made from a set of stampers, and can be distinguished by their labels, which will differ from those used on stock pressings.

Test pressings may have blank white labels or they may have special labels that indicate that they are test pressings. These custom labels usually have blank lines printed on them so that the people working with them can write the title and artist on the labels by hand.

As with acetates, test pressings are usually used for evaluation purposes by record company personnel, though they are occasionally sent out as promotional items. As they are rather unusual and limited in production to just a handful of copies, test pressings are highly regarded and sought out by collectors. Sometimes, test pressings may contain different versions of one or more songs from the commercially released albums.

This can also add to their value. We have written a more in-depth article about test pressings and acetates. You can read it here. Records pressed in foreign countries are often of interest to record collectors. While most collectors are interested in records from the country where they live, a lot of them are interested in owning anything unusual by the artists that interest them.

Most record albums are designed by record companies in either the United States or Great Britain, and most releases from either country are nearly identical. Other countries, however, have been known to create dramatically different versions of records from the U. Sometimes, foreign pressings may have different titles, or different covers from the more common versions from the U.

On other occasions, record companies in other countries may choose to press albums on colored vinyl.

Many albums from Japan from the late s through the early s were pressed on dark red vinyl. These pressings are highly regarded by collectors for both their unusual appearance and their sound quality.

While many American Beatles records are worth a lot of money, so are those from Great Britain, as the band released records there prior to releasing them in the U. Prices for foreign non-U. In general, collectors in the United States will always be interested, to some degree, in any foreign record by artists whose records they collect. While limited edition pressings of albums are a relatively new thing, they are now quite common, with record companies intentionally limiting releases to a few hundred or a few thousand copies.

In past decades, when records were the predominant format for selling music, record companies were content to sell as many copies as possible of a given title. In recent years, records have become more of a niche item, and record companies are somewhat hesitant to spend the money to master, press, and distribute them.

By producing only a limited number of a given title, and by making it publicly known that production will be limited to xxx number of copies, the record companies LP) a greater likelihood of having a particular title sell out quickly, rather than sitting on a shelf for a period of months or years.

Sometimes, these limited editions are individually numbered, while most are not. Sometimes, a limited number of copies of a given album will be pressed on colored vinyl, with a larger number pressed on black vinyl.

In some cases, such as with the soundtrack album to the film Inceptionall copies are colored vinyl and they are numbered as well. Limited edition pressings by most any artist will have some value above the original selling price, as record companies are unlikely to issue limited edition pressings if there is no established market for them.

The exception to this would be records from companies that do not ordinarily release records, such as the Franklin Mint. Over the years, the Franklin Mint has released a number of recordings as limited edition sets, usually spanning many volumes. Most of these recordings were also pressed on colored vinyl and the sets were marketed in mass media to consumers who were not record collectors. These recordings have little value unless they are offered in complete sets, some of which came with as many as records.

Occasionally, record companies release an album or single, only to change their mind and withdraw it from general release. This can happen for a number of reasons, ranging from a corporate decision that may or may not have anything to do with the record itself, a decision by the artist to change the product after release, or even an announcement by prominent retailers that they will refuse to sell the record as released.

Regardless of the reason for withdrawing the record from circulation, such releases will naturally be scarce, hard to find, and in demand among collectors. More often than not, withdrawn releases will also command substantial prices on the collector market.

Listed below are a few examples of record albums which were withdrawn from the market shortly before or shortly after being released to stores. Angel — Bad Publicity — The album Bad Publicity had a cover that depicted the band having a raucus party in a hotel room. After only a handful of copies had been issued as promotional items, the album was withdrawn, retitled to Sinfuland released with completely different artwork showing the band in white suits against a white background.

Prince — The Black Album — InPrince intended to release an untitled I Have A Dream - Various - Rocket Hits (Vinyl that had an all-black cover on which neither a title nor the name of the artist appeared. Cover in great condition Collec. Welcome to view. Please see other items. Original Vinyl Albums. Jean Michel Jarre - Magnetic fields ,original Vinyl Album In good condition as far as I know but unable to test sorry you are welcome to view and all records I have from my own personal collection that I have stored Collection only from Poole Dors.

You are welcome to view Collection only from Poole Dorset. You are welcome to view and all records I have listed are from my own collection that have been stored Collection only from. Yazz fine time 12" original Vinyl Record Looks In good condition, but unable to check you are welcome to view, any of my listings and all records from my own collection.

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