Hail The New Dawn - Final War - Glory Unending (Vinyl, LP, Album)

As she stalked she kept looking between the clock on the wall, the front door and her mother. Joyce laughed. Staring out the windows, glaring at the clock and front door. And other than a small headache, I feel fine. When did it start? Have you taken your medicine yet? How bad is it? They just turned on the street. Joyce sagged back into the couch she had been sitting on. Maybe with Kathy here, her daughters would relax and let her get some rest too.

After all they were all acting like she was going to die at any minute and she was really feeling a lot better. Luna parked the Jeep and both she and Kathy got out. Kathy then pulled what looked like a standard medical bag out of the back of the car and the two walked toward the open door. Dawn ran through the door to meet Luna and Kathy and gave Luna a hug. Thank you for getting Mom some help. Kathy knelt down beside Joyce. Joyce sat on the bed and looked over at Kathy and asked.

She then looked back to Joyce. Buffy and Dawn stayed close to the door trying to listen in while Faith and Luna walked down to the living room as they knew that Susan would most likely cast a privacy spell to keep people from eavesdropping.

I will start by doing a standard non-magical checkup and then extend by examining your surface energy flows to see if there are any restrictions that could be causing you any problems. Those parts of the examination will only take about fifteen minutes. When I finish this stage, I will have a good idea if there are any problems that require closer investigation.

This stage of the examination will take a minimum of thirty minutes, so we are talking about forty-five minutes to an hour. Kathy shook her head. If you want I could put you to sleep, but if you choose to stay awake I will talk you through everything I am doing. Kathy looked at Joyce and smiled. Faith followed up with a more sedated. Good news? Faith let out a sigh of relief. Is there a lot of pressure from the government and do you have any strict anti NS laws?

Do you also have any problems with the reds, how strong are they in Spain? The Catalonian police is the most harsh and repressive one to our ideas.

I think when you grow up and see how fucked up things are. Like economic crisis, massive immigration, no work, poverty In which part of the country is movement the strongest and how strong is it in your city Barcelona? Which are the main organisations, bands, record labels and fanzines today? Is there a lot of concerts and other actions like gatherings, marches etc.?

In Madrid the scene is strong and they seem to be more united everyday. Also I would like to name the ANR. They group together many people interested in changing the future and fighting for our land. Do you as a band support any organisation or political party? As a band we never wanted to be identified with any particular party. We support any NS cause and initiative that wants to save the nation. How do you view the separatists in your country and their movements like Catalonian separatist movement or the Basque separatists?

What is your opinion about their cause? They are just a few idiots that think they can change history. Tell us about the immigration problems in Spain and particularly in your city? How much has this plague already spread and what do you think are the best ways of fighting against it? Which immigrants are the biggest threats currently?

The situation is terrible everywhere. They are a plague. We blame the government and its globalization idea. They let them come in too easily. Also, the crime has increased a lot. How do you view Falange, Francisco Franco and the Spanish civil war? For us, an example to follow is Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera, a smart and caution person, who could captivate thousands of people from left and right.

The Falange now days have nothing to do anymore with the party in the past. Are there any lands you would specially like to visit and have a concert there? NS movement is rising, at least we think so.

Thank to the social networks we have information about other countries. We have contact with people from many different countries! The last one we have visited was Hungary. We only have great words for them. We would love to play in a northern country like Finland or Sweden, but any country would be great. What are your future plans, where do you see your band in the following years?

Our plans are the same now and later. Keep on playing, keep on shouting what we believe, keep on knowing people, travelling and hoping that who comes to see us, leaves with a good impression and believing it was worth to see our gig. We want to keep in this war. Thanks a lot for conceding us this interview. We would like to thank Hail The New Dawn - Final War - Glory Unending (Vinyl who follow us, who are interested in our work in a disinterested way Thanks all who opened their door for us and invited us to play.

And those who want to see us dead They will have to sit and wait Cause we have music for some more years! Feb 22, Ironwill interview. I am Skip and I play guitar and sing. On the bass guitar we have Chris. The 3 of us have all been in and out of bands our whole lives.

And as far as influences this will be a list, Ian Stuart and Skrewdriver are responsible for my getting involved at a very early age. And the list goes on from that. You have just released a split cd with Open Season from Australia,tell us more about this,how did this American-Australian cooperation started and how are you satisfied with the work of HC Streetwear productions that released the split cd?

The songs on the split are great and we are very pleased with the project as a whole. Charlie is a very good friend of mine and he always puts his best effort into the projects. Roy has been extremly helpfull as well. Thanks Boys!! Tell us how would you describe your sound and which are some other current bands you like? Which are in your opinion some of the best releases of the last year? Tell us also how big role do you think the musical scene has in our struggle for white survival?

Our sound is a bit raw and crunchy. Not sure how to describe it, its just hard RAC. I listen to alot of music so this list can also be pretty long. Best album last year? BFG Death and Defiance. Supperb work. Great job boys! I believe that music can be a great vehicle to touch people and keep the flame alive, but sitting on your couch with a very impressive vinyl collection and doing nothing else does not further our cause. You must get involved in other ways in order to make change.

But yes the music is very important. Do you play alot of gigs? Which do you remember as some of the best and most sucesfull? Are there any future plans for playing in Europe? We are still a new band and have only played a handfull of shows. Sharing the stage with Sniper from Finland in California was a great Honor. Georgia Hammerfest was another great memory. We played in Seattle for the Bob Mathews Memorial and had a great time. Was a day to Honor that American Hero and we did just that.

As for Europe we are sitting on a stack of passport apps now so once they get straitened out i guess we will begin to invade. Do Hail The New Dawn - Final War - Glory Unending (Vinyl cause any trouble when there are gigs? Tell us also do you have alot of trouble with the cops,how big is oppression from the state and which tactics do they use against the movement? Im still new to this part of the country so the reds have not had the priveledge of meeting me yet haha.

And its the same all over as far as cops trying to break us. They try to scare us with hatecrime charges for everything. We dont scare!!! Are you as a band independent or a part of any organisation or crew?

Foot is from C. Give us a brief description of the current American movement. In which states is movement the strongest at the moment,are there alot of gigs,gatherings and marches? Which are currently some of the leading organisations and crews?

Which are some of the new bands that you could recommend to us and which are some of the most active record labels? Well the scene changes often. People come and go but there are alot of people still at it and with no end in sight, there are alot of good nationalists in this country There are not alot of shows these days here but we are doing all we can to help change that.

Not alot of new bands either, My brothers in Idaho are starting to make thier mark and will be recording soon, Beer Hall Putsch is thier name. Not sure whos doing the most business as far as sales and stuff but there are a number of them here.

How does the average White American view the NS and racialist movement? Are the white people opening their eyes to the truth about multiculturism due to all the black on white violence and riots we heard Hail The New Dawn - Final War - Glory Unending (Vinyl in the last years? Or do you think majority is still blind to the real problems of todays western societies? What would you say are the biggest problems of todays youth and White people in general in your land? I think that whites are begining to wake up a little in this country.

Not fast enough for me. People will fight back when pussed to far and people are getting tired of being pushed by the red scum. The problem with the white youth is they are so distracted by all the gadgets in thier hands, and the shit that is fed to them on the tv. And the white kids are eating up all the nigger rap shit.

We can see in your artwork alot of old norse images,tell us are you Odinists and what is your opinion about religion in general? Yes we are followers of the old ways.

Which would you say are some of the Album) from the past that are the most important and had the biggest influence on American NS movement? There are many that give all they have and go unnoticed. What were the main reasons for you to become skinheads and what does it mean being one to you? Well I am 44 years old and was lucky enough to get turned on to skrewdriver at a young age.

And although Skrewdrivers music was not as heavy as what i was used to listening to, it was what he sang about which lit the fire in me. I liked the purpose he sang about. It was an easy transformation to go from metalhead to skinhead in 85 for me. To me it means being on the frontline of our racial struggle and doing it with pride and honor.

Teaching the new generations of the duty and standard. We will keep fighting till we are knee deep in our enemies blood! What are your future plans,where do you see your band in the following years?

Our plan is to continue to write music and play to those who would see us play. We have a few shows lined up for already and plan on being very busy.

Thank you for the interview! Final words for the readers? Thanks for the chat Brother. Nov 20, Aggroknuckle interview. First could you tell us something about Aggroknuckle's history? What were the main reasons and inspirations to start a band,how would you describe Hail The New Dawn - Final War - Glory Unending (Vinyl sound and what are the main topics of your lyrics? Aggroknuckle was formed inby the members of Cannons,our former band. Then the first singer quit the band and we accepted Kitty as the new singer.

First we started as a 4-piece band. In our earlier era we also played songs from Cannons, but soon we changed our music Buy we changed the style of our music, so we also decided to change our name. I wanted to make music that is simple, but strong,heavy and metallic,that goad people to fight.

We thought our music would be like that,so we changed our name to Aggroknuckle, with the idea. We emphasize that we can express heavy sounds without too much metalizing or down tunings, when we make songs.

About the lyrics, the most is about "our way of lives" like how are we when we face troubles or difficulties in our lives. Sometimes we are asked why we sing in English,and thats because the sound we make is better with English lyrics. That's all. Could you name some of your favourite bands,both from Japan and worldwide,and which new bands from Japan would you recommend to the readers?

Do any of the AK members also play in any other band? The Japanese band that influenced us the most is Gruesome. Then we would recommend bands such as Rouge Trooper and Natural Born Masters which are also in this scene for a long time.

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