Warser Gate - Fallen Legions, Not Me (Cassette, Album)

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And that's not all the free good press. Web Observer had more flattering things to say about Cringe in it's September issue. As for site stats, over the last week Cringe has indeed exceeded an average of over pages served per day. I won't be at all surprised if we break next week! As for the bad news Something went haywire with two of the Cringe email addresses.

The messages seem to be going off to Limbo Limbo Land. If you've emailed [email protected] or [email protected] August 9, or lateryou may want to resend your message to [email protected]. The storms last week also did their dirty deeds to my computer; and it's not gonna be dirt cheap.

Don't worry, the withdrawal symptoms of being without my home computer for a week are nothing a few good bands and a portable from work couldn't fix. On the good side, this seemed like a sign to order my new computer a week or two earlier than planned. It should arrive any day now.

The rest of the list, as far as I can tell, has no local music at all. Well, if you do, then you may be familiar with the writings of Michael O'Donoghue. He was a founding writer of both Saturday Night Live and the National Lampoon magazine back in the early 's. In fact, he appeared on SNL somewhat regularly, most frequently in skits called Mr. Anywho, someone has finally written a biography on the man, and it's probably the best biography I've ever read.

It's call Mr. Mikeand it's filled with the man's often brilliant, always vicious, humor. It's brand new, so you'll probably have to spend top dollar to buy it. Maybe the library has it?? Be there or beware! Wednesday, August 26 features Bubba Ho-Tep.

Friday, August 28 it's Warner Bros. Recording artists Red Telephone with Fulbone! Monday, August 31 it's the folk styling of Tim Easton and friends! Try to make it out for a show or two! I've been keeping a closer eye on the Cringe site log files for the last week or two. About a week ago we reached a bit of a milestone: pages served in a single day. We've been averaging over pages a day since and it's quickly approaching To help honor the occasion, we recently became a bit more extroverted with the Site of the Week section.

Now we actually let sites know they've been selected and offer an optional Cringe Site of the Week banner and link for their site. I'm wondering what to expect once school -- particularly OSU -- is back in session. Jon and Neal Workbook and Pretty Mighty Mighty are quitting their real jobs to focus more on running the studio.

The Velveteens, now with Josh from the Jive Turkeys on lead guitar, were finishing up their first studio session there. Derailleur was started by an old friend or two of yers truly with the Velveteens as its first effort.

I'm twisting a few arms to get a report based on this whole process of "starting a label from scratch" to "distributing a recording. It's a weekend of music put together by our town's biggest and best known label, Anyway Records.

From looking at the roster for this weekend's fest at Little Brothersall but maybe one of the bands actually have releases on Anyway. A first meeting was held on Thursday, August 13, and the group currently has 15 members.

If you're interested, contact Patrick at or [email protected]. Their focus seems to be simply creating a forum so that people can access cool local music, and they've already got a compilation CD completed. They're interested in creating pages to promote all sorts of bands, so give them a call ator e-mail Rock'n'roll Dave at [email protected].

You can read his admittedly jaded parting message on the Cringe message board. Not Me (Cassette much else of local interest on the old playlist Whose fault is that? I dunno. I do know that the New Bomb Turks's latest stink-fest At Rope's Endon Epitaph finally fell from the charts after quite a lengthy run. It will be mostly instrumental guitars, maybe with some vocals.

The tape will be called Lusty Serine and done on a Tascam 4 track, and so will be of somewhat "ok quality," according to Jason. Send 'em to Cringeokay?

Citizen and The Staggers. Btw, the first part is almost sold out, less than ten copies left! This is what we've been waiting for - a sequel to the Finnish best-seller Troll-On. Epic in A6. New Age Kalevala, including two gnomes with their horse, camels, snakes, one barbarian and his busty love.

That's all the mankind needs! The other half is an exhibition that will be touring around Europe This books weigths over one KG so be aware of the shipping costs. As the title shows this magazine deals with death. On the other hand it's a portrait of a frustrated teen living on the Finnish countryside, listening to metal, skateboarding and drawing.

There's lots of skulls and dead people in this release. You can consider this either 'funny' or 'disgusting'. See them go bonkers for the giant's pot that will come the bass drum for their pot's and pans -orchestra! And along their adventure they seem to rescue a village from a bat-like monster! Joyful, childish and cartoonish! It's all blue. English translation included! Bries did 2nd edition of the book! Thanks Ria! Serves the whole family, combining elements from jazz to noise, Not Me (Cassette kraut to improvisation, and as usually This is the soundtrack of the year, composed for a movie never filmed.

A sense of humour, I like that in a band. Could be either. Swiza D04 The Swiza D04 with its Album) shape and sure-grip, soft-touch handle is probably the most comfortable and easy to use S Show 1 to 7 of in total 7 products Sites: 1.

Wilson Tactical Lanyards Zippo Feuerzeuge.

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