Tuff Love - Galactic - From The Corner To The Block (CD, Album)

How many guitar duos try to sound like Thin Lizzy or Wishbone Ash and we still love and admire what they do? All te synthesizers layers and sin-a-long textures performed by Herb Shildt are simply cast spelling and sound very advanced for the period sometimes bringing the music are towards the 80's rather than late 70's, the guitar harmonies by Stewart and Hagler are so well designed and played, specially on the song Sunfield?

I can still listen to them by just closing my eyes, memorable! And Luttrell's vocals? Ok, yes they are quite Anderson-like but still he brings ear worm melodies to the table and give the band that unique pitch and sound, so what's not to like about all these features?

This album has been a great discovery recommended by the SOT youtube channel and I feel very confortable telling you guys that it will refresh your ears form the very first listen and will make you want to investigate their short but quite strong catalog.

This is the follow up album for the band's project Make no mistake, this is heavy prog with lots of power riffs and galloping drumming, however for this release Ditchfield the brain genius behind this masterpiece and Wright join forces with no other that Marillion's own Mark Kelly, and there's where Heavy prog meets Neo Prog, and the result is simply fantastic, heavy but melodic, superior and very memorable.

Me and my downfall opens the album with a clear message Maybe September along with the last track Memo stands maybe as the weak spot of the musical experience, still good but forgettable at times, but not for long because the instrumental Marty and the Magic Moose catches the listener attention once again and won't let it go for the rest of the musical experience.

But this album is all about the title track, The King of Number 33, a suite with amazing movements where everyone on the band has the chance to display all their virtuosity and power, from the beautiful and sometimes angry and depressed vocal harmonies, the incredible guitar riffing and song-along licks that often battle with Kelly's keyboard precious madness, and the "all tempo" performance of the rhythmic section. Truly a work of genius, definitely a heavy prog masterpiece that should please any Porcupine Tree, IQ, Spock's Beard and Marillion fan.

This suite has everything that a prog epic should have, no questions about it In Orbit starts with a nice acoustic guitar passage that with help of the angelical vocal harmonies builds up into electric guitar and keyboard licks tandem before returning to a mellow vocal passage and back up again to symphonic progressive galore, 12 plus minutes of genius!

And lets not forget to mention the rhythmic section which is simply outstanding and super tight! This Past Presence almost seems to bring the same formula as its predecesor with the acoustic intro, although flutes are finally brought to the table, but its really not the case, this piece is anthemic form the beginning, reminding me a little of Anekdoten at moments maybe because of the galactic and unearthly keyboard work which again its just magnificent throughout the whole album, a shorter song but not less memorable.

Another short one to their standards at least A Faerie's Play plays more like a hit single, if that's something that can be considered done by such a band in such a genre, with a very distinguished sometimes Iimmi-Like guitar work that preciously entangles with the rest of the instruments which in this specific song are letting the six string showcase the most.

And then The River, my favorite song from the album maybe the most Tullish onethe one that made me put headphones on and dismembered the musical experience, simply perfection.

All the elements previously mentioned are present and definitely upgraded, like if they wanted to bring everything to the table? You run wild and far, and by your banks we may find rest at last, our common life is all there is, your soul equals our reflections, constantly you drift past us.

With us, beneath us, upstream, downstream? Lucid Dreams closes the cycle returning all eras to the starting sonic ambience from the opening track but with the proper feel of a masterpiece fading, operatic, classical and magical. The End! Feel like Falling is for sure or at least must be one of the highlights of the album for any new and old listener, any new or old Riverside fan, it just sounds like?

The bass lines are simply all over the place same as the vocal harmonies and different guitar layers, a very powerful song with all the ingredients to become a hit single, even though that's not what the band is looking for when they craft their music, but is definitely one of the easy-listeners from this record.

What a guitar player Piotr was, so talented and precise? Escalator shine is this album's epic, with musical textures a little different from the previous band's work, kind of jazzy and classical, with Duda's bass slowly leading the band into the mid-tempo atmosphere filled with tons of guitar and piano, letting every member of the band to have their 15secs of fame, until heaviness strikes back again and the song enters this early 70's Deep Purple like scenario for a moment, and why not some doom with a Sabbath feel, and the back to the deep and melodic Riverside again, and everything happens within only 1 minute or so, fantastic mood change leading into an not so unexpected ending for the song, like a cicle closing itself without any harm or scars left.

Coda brings the album to an end, in an acoustic way? Five per cent for nothing majestically opens side B as an introduction for Tuff Love - Galactic - From The Corner To The Block (CD masterpiece Long Distance Runaround, coincidence or not those two pieces blend together perfectly, its a beautiful, catchy and memorable tune, and depicts a song structure that will be definitely inspired bands such as Supertramp and Styx. No rest for the dying usThe Fish takes us again into Squire's fantasyland before Howe's sets the medieval mood one more time with the incredible instrumental passage Mood for a Day?

I'm not that familiar with Howe's work outside YES, but I do know I would love an entire album sounding like this, it would surely provide me of a Mood for a Year!

Finally and without previous annunciation the epic Heart of the Sunrise begins its moody journey. That tone! Fragile maybe? Three masters participate in the Album), Anderson, Aquire and Bruford? Three beautiful and mysterious verses are subsequently interrupted by the band's signature instrumental moments, where all the members elegantly carve their names into one of the most beloved Rock and Progressive rock lineups of all times!

Two Clowns Untitled - Hidden Track. Crazyhorse Mongoose 2. Moog Marmalade 3. Villified 5. I Get Lifted 6. My Mind Is Hazy 7. Baker's Dozen 8. Blue Pepper 9. Lumpology Working In The Coal Mine Shibuya Welcome To New Orleans 2. Something's Wrong With This Picture 3. Doublewide 4. Tighten Your Wig 5. Century City 6. Jeffe 7. Go Go 8. Start From Scratch 9. Get A Head On The Green Minute Previously Unreleased Metermaid Quiet Please Sew Sew Sew Live PAINT 5.

What You Need feat. Lyrics Born And I'm Out feat. Lif The Corner feat. Gift Of Gab Second And Dryades feat. Big Chief Monk Boudreaux Think Back feat. Chali 2Na Bounce Baby feat. Z-Trip Hustle Up feat. Boots Riley Sidewalk Stepper Squarebiz feat. Ladybug Mecca And Nino Moschella Tuff Love feat. Trombone Shorty No Way feat. Lateef The Truth Speaker Fanfare Find My Home feat. Soon he started collecting and buying Nothern Soul in UK and from regular trips to the US and was starting to play around and in Wigan including the casino.

After the casino closed in he had gained a respectful reputation as a DJ. He moved to London at the age of 22 and decided to start living a normal life and quit DJ'ing, but was quickly playing Nothern-soul again due to heavy demand by old wigan promoters. He brought the scene to London and drew the nothern punters that had moved to London after the wigan scene dissolved. After a few years, the nothern scene faded, Keb sold his music collection but he still had a loft filled with 'junk' music according to himself that he had picked up in the states that was to-be classified as "Deep Funk" later on.

So in house music arrived in the UK, and Keb decided to play the funk grooves after a trip to Japan. He managed to get a regular night at a acid-jazz club called 'The Wagclub' and he finished there after a period. After a time, Snowboy and Keb wanted to push the funk sound further and they decided to start their own night in an old restaurant.

The nights failed due to the domination of house and shut down after a few months. Not so long after, they got a tip for a new location that was a strip-club in Soho called Madame Jo-Jo's.

The location was perfect and they manage to arrange a weekly night to start with. The nights took off fast and are today the leading funk nights in London. Later on the strip nights closed and the venue became a full time music club. The Fun Company - Zambezi Frank Penn - Gimme Some Skin Prophet Soul - Kick The Habit Timothy Mcnealy - Sagittarius Black Pearly Queen - Quit Jive'In Dave Serrano - Ou-Wee Man The Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage B O Junior - Coffe Pot Googie Rene - Firebird The Fabulous Firebird - Psycho Leon Gardner - Natural Bad Medicine - Trespasser Rappers - Krunchberry Beast Joe Washington - Blueberry Hill Society - Society Harris And Orr - Spread Love Ramsey And Co - Album) Call Sons Of The Kingdom - Modernization.

Prince Valiant - Back Yard Lee Sykes - Lock Jaw The Dynamic Concepts - Funky Chicken The Unknown - Pad Out Freedom Now - Sissy Walk Franciene Thomas - I'll Be There Reggie Saddler - Raggedy Bag Johnnie Morisette - I'm Hungry Paul Jackson - Quack, Quack, Quack Dayton Sidewinders - Funky In Here Enrique Olivarez - Al's Place The Personations - Future 2 Black Fur - Feel The Shock Willie J. Record Player - Free Your Mind Courtial - Losing You. This is the kind of funk they've been hiding from you all these years -- the real deal, the heavy stuff, the type of work that's made driving around the country looking for rare 45s so worthwhile!

This material's the kind that makes a trip like that happen -- super-rare funk from Texas, dug up by the Jazzman posse, and given the stamp of approval by DJ Shadow! The package is a perfect introduction to the lost heritage of Texas funky work -- as it not only includes 21 searing tracks of funk some of the best we've heard compiled in a long time!

The whole thing's unbelievable -- as well researched as it is hard and funky, Tuff Love - Galactic - From The Corner To The Block (CD a Album) to the ears throughout. Funky Chick - Majestics 5. Funky Stuff - Little Jr. Sagittarius Black - McNealy, Timothy 7. Evil Ways - Brothers Seven 8. Do Your Thing - Zapata 9. Super Funk - Blair, Vern Debate Soul Pot - Soul Ones Sissy Strut - Joe Bravo Funky Smunk - Brothers Seven The groove will definitely move you here -- as the set's an incredible batch of modern deep funk numbers, all hand-picked for the mighty Freestyle label!

The 20 track package is like finding DJ case stuffed with some of the best 45s around -- all underground nuggets from labels like Daptone, One Note, RD, Tru Thoughts, and more. There's plenty of James Brown influences running through most of the tracks here -- hard drums, tight rhythms, searing horn work, and hard soul vocals galore. Apples - Attention Boogaloo Investigators - Let's Work a While Breakestra - Got to Let Me Know Budos Band - Budos Theme Cookin' on 3 Burners - Cressy St Breakdown Kashmere Stage Band - Superstrut Naomi Davis - Wind your Clock New Mastersounds - Give Me a Minute Poets of Rhythm - More Mess on my Thing Quartertones - Caffeine Soul Snatchers - Get Yourself Together Having already released two acclaimed albums under his Quantic guise The 5th Exotic and Apricot Morning, Stampede is his strictly sample-free, all-live project.

Influenced by super-heavy original funk, soul, jazz and afro-beat, the band consists of 11 highly talented musicians and features the golden voiced Alice Russell, who applies her sultry vocals to three of the albums tracks, including the band's breathtaking cover of 4Heros classic Hold it Down. Stampede hit the shelves in April of and has since received a wealth of fervent accolades from the music press, club and radio DJs alike.

Stampede 2. Raw Ingredients 3. Walking Through Tomorrow Super 8 Part 3 4. South Coastin 5. Tracklistings come from MusicBrainz. Find out more about our use of this dataand also our policy on profanity. Find out more about our use of this data. It's hard to imagine a more succinct display of old Orleans brass and New Orleans Alex Forster Mixing MCs and live instruments really can go either way.

Over a decade into their career, New Orleans funk outfit, Galactic, have taken the plunge; dispensing with their lead vocalist and enlisting the help of a slew of rappers on their sixth record. Galactic devised a brief for each of their collaborators to work around. Working to the concept of corners in the city, from literal and metaphorical urban intersections to the crossing of musical paths, each MC gives their own interpretation of street life.

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