Rondeau said she has thrown four touchdown passes thus far, with a favorite being a yarder to Rees Tyler in a win over Spaulding. On the gridiron: Five takeaways from Exeter's win at Manchester Memorial. A different field of competition: eSports league in Exeter offers high school gamers a Rondeau to score big in college. Orchard works heavily with the sophomores and noted Rondeau also started playing defensive back.

She sees the field pretty well and is pretty coachable. This line form became the norm in the literary rondeau of the later Renaissance, and is known as the "rondeau" proper today. The following is a typical example of this form: [4]. A large corpus of medieval French rondeaux was collected, catalogued, and studied by Nico H. Like the other formes fixes, the Rondeau in its original form with full refrains was frequently set to music.

Rondeau the 14th and 15th centuries, Guillaume de MachautGuillaume DufayHayne van Rondeau and other prominent composers were prolific in the form. Early rondeaux are usually found as interpolations in longer narrative poems, and separate monophonic musical settings survive. After the 15th century, the musical form went out of Rondeau and the rondeau became a purely literary form.

The musical rondeau is typically a two-part composition, with all the "A" sections of the poem's AB-aAab-AB structure set to one line of music, and all the "B" parts to another. Although far rarer than the French usage, the Italian equivalentthe rondello was occasionally composed and listed among the Italian forms of poetry for music. A single rondello appears in the Rossi Codex. In addition, several rondeaux in French appear entirely in sources originating in Italy, the Low Countriesand Germanysuggesting that these works including Esperance, qui en mon cuer may not have a purely French provenance.

Later, in the Baroque era, the label rondeau or the adjectival phrase en rondeau was applied to dance movements in simple refrain form by such composers as Jean-Baptiste Lully and Louis Couperin.

Arnold Schoenberg 's Pierrot Lunaire sets 21 poems by Albert Giraudeach of which is a line poetic rondeau. The French rondeau forms have been adapted to English at various times by different poets. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote two rondeaus in the rondeau tercet form, one of them at the end of The Parliament of Fowlswhere the birds are said to "synge a roundel" to a melody "imaked in Fraunce": [6].

In its classical 16th-century line form with a rentrement aabba—aabR—aabbaRthe rondeau was used by Thomas Wyatt. Later, it was Rondeau by some late 19th-century and 20th-century poets, such as Paul Laurence Dunbar " We Wear the Mask ". It was customarily regarded Rondeau a challenge to arrange for these refrains to contribute to the meaning of the poem in as succinct and poignant a manner as possible. This is also written on two rhymes, but in five stanzas of four lines each and one of five lines.

The following example of the form was written from the point of view of one of the RAF officers carrying the coffin of Diana, Princess of Wales to the plane that was to carry it to England. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. One of the types of names adopted as surnames were those derived from nicknames.

Nicknames, or "eke-names," were an added name that generally reflected some physical characteristics or other attribute of the person that used the name. The Rondeau surname derives from the Old French word "rond," meaning "round;"and as such was a nickname for a plump or portly person.

In Paris, the name Le Rondeau is found since the 14th century. The family continued to spread within this same region. Two of his works were translated under the title of the Complete History of Fish, written in Jean Rondelet was born in Lyon in and died in Paris in He was an architect, a student of Soufflot and member of the French Institut.

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